FareMiles Terms and Conditions


We, us, our - FlightLink Wales - Our registered and main offices are at Trafalgar House, 5 Fitzalan Place, Cardiff CF24 0ED

FareMiles- the currency we award are electronic points.

Distributor - an organisation authorised as part of the scheme to issue FareMiles.

Scheme - the FareMiles scheme in which members earn FareMiles from our company FlightLink Wales.

Package Travel Regulations - the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 (SI 1992 number 3288), as amended.

Supplier - another person or organisation who is responsible for arranging or providing services to you, for example, an airline, a hotel, a car-hire company, an insurance company, a theme park or a theatre.

Mileage Account - an account in your name, which contains FareMiles that you can use to pay for services.

2. Membership of the FareMiles Scheme

2.1 Collecting FareMiles

To be eligible to collect FareMiles and so we can register you on the scheme, you must provide an address in the UK, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

We may award you FareMiles in electronic form. We will hold them in an account on your behalf.

We will maintain an account that records your FareMiles transactions. You can get details of your account by contacting us. We may send you details of your account, and you may view your account on our website at www.flightlinkwales.com

If you have not had any FareMiles credited to your account for 18 consecutive months, all FareMiles that you have accrued to date will automatically expire without further notice.

2.2 Redeeming FareMiles

When FareMiles have appeared on your account you can redeem them for airport or port transfers. FareMiles can only be redeemed on transfers that have been booked 7 days or more than the collection.

FareMiles can only be claimed against 2 passengers travelling to any airport or port on a "Willing-to-Share" basis. You may use your FareMiles for anyone so long as you, the account holder, contact us to make the booking.

You may use FareMiles for up to 2 people in any one booking.

You cannot transfer, sell or use FareMiles for any other purpose except as we allow under the terms of any offer.

2.3 Security

You are the holder of FareMiles and are responsible for their security. We are the owner of all FareMiles and they remain our property at all times. To reduce the risk of someone else spending FareMiles in your account, treat your account number like a credit-card number.

We will set up your account in your name with your current address. If you change address, you must write to the Customer Account Management Department or phone the Customer Services Department so we can update your details. If you call us to change your address, you must answer security questions before we will make any amendments.

You may name an individual to act on your behalf as long as you do so in writing by using the appropriate form (which you can get from us). We will store this information and you must tell us in writing if you want to remove or change any authorised people from your account details. This will help us to reduce security risks as far as possible.

It is your responsibility to keep secure any information that might identify you and allow access to your account. Unfortunately, you cannot hold us responsible if a person is able to spend FareMiles in your account as a result of you not taking appropriate care of your account details. If you lose or accidentally reveal your account or password details you should contact us immediately. Please make sure that we always have your correct address to reduce security risks as far as possible.

2.4 Ending your membership

You can end your membership of the scheme at any time by contacting us. We may end your membership of the scheme and cancel or suspend any FareMiles in your account and any outstanding bookings (making sure that we process any refunds we owe you in line with these terms and conditions) if we reasonably believe that you have acted in a way that harms the scheme or any distributor. These actions may include but are not limited to:

  • illegal or fraudulent activities
  • collecting or spending FareMiles dishonestly or in a way that breaks these terms and conditions
  • hostile, abusive or aggressive behaviour towards our staff or the staff of suppliers or distributors
  • knowingly providing us with false or misleading information

2.5 General

We can change the scheme and the products and services we provide, including the number of FareMiles needed for an offer. Where possible we will try to give you reasonable notice but this could depend on the nature of the change and the notice that we may receive from our suppliers or partners.

The law of England and Wales applies to these terms and conditions if you live in England or Wales. If you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland, Scottish or Northern Irish law will apply.

We may, at any time, amend the time limit on how long you have to spend any FareMiles. We will give you reasonable notice. We have the right to change these terms and conditions. We will always give you reasonable notice.

From time to time, we may offer special promotional rates for redemption bookings. The terms and conditions published with each offer will apply to these bookings.

We are not liable for any personal tax liability that may arise from you taking part in the scheme. FareMiles can be changed into cash at any time. Each Faremile can be changed for 0.001 pence and you must change at least 25 pence worth.

3. Making a booking

When you make a booking, a formal contract will be formed between you and us.

There is no minimum booking period.

We may charge you a booking fee and if applicable, any booking fee charged including those imposed by our suppliers will be advised to you prior to confirming your booking.

For security reasons we will send the confirmation for your booking to the account holder's address in the lead passenger's name. This also applies if you make a booking as a surprise for the account holder.

If you get a verbal quote for a price before you make a booking, we cannot guarantee you will get that price, and the price may change at any time and is subject to availability up until the booking is confirmed.

1 Faremile will be awarded for every 10 miles travelled on any transfer where you have not redeemed your FareMiles. FareMiles will be credited to your account within 28 days of your journey.

FareMiles will not be awarded on taxes, fees and charges and security charges. (unless stated otherwise).