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What are Faremiles?

For every journey you travel 10% of the total mileage is converted into FareMiles which is saved in a mileage bank. FareMiles can later be redeemed against future GreenLink journeys to Cardiff Airport.

Collecting Faremiles

Collecting is easy. Every time you travel with us you collect FareMiles. The more you travel the more you collect. The more you collect, the closer you are to claiming your free journey. You can earn FareMiles on any journey to any location as we now go to more than just airports.

You can collect FareMiles on: FlightLink, RestaurantLink, TheatreLink and other selected link journeys.

Refer a friend

    As part of the new FareMiles loyalty scheme you will have the chance to earn even more FareMiles via the Refer-a-Friend offer.
  • You receive 5 FareMiles for every referral that books with us.
  • The person referred also receives 5 FareMiles.
  • There's no limit to how many referrals you make so there's no limit to how many FareMiles you can earn.
  • The more you refer the more you earn.

  • There is no limit to how many people you can refer so pass on the news to your friends and family and start building up those faremiles.

    Find out more about FareMiles.